Swami Vivekananda College Of Education started its journey on July in 2012 , located at Auragabad, Keshiary, in BELDA, PASCHIM MEDINIPORE with full accommodation and up grated infrastructure.

Our institution is placed with the richness of peace and serenity at the centre of Belda. The institution is located at rural area with full of highly natural and scenic beauty. Everywhere you will find a sense of calmness. A peaceful atmosphere is surrounded in our college. Over all we can say that our institution is always remained with an atmosphere of study.

Swami Vivekananda College Of Education is committed to offer the students the best atmosphere to fulfill their ambition. We are dedicated to invest our all efforts to maintain our college atmosphere for a student to fulfill his dream. We have made our college with the best infrastructure. Swami Vivekananda College Of Education is recognized by National Council of Teachers’ Education (NCTE) and affiliated by The west Bengal University of Teachers’ Training, Education Planning and Administration (WBUTTEPA). Interested students and guardians can check the permitted copy of our institution from the particular notice section.

Our institution offers both B.ED and D.EL.ED training courses. We have our best faculty stuff in the college. Our teaching stuff is highly qualified and experienced. And everybody has completed their training on particular course what they teach in the college. Our teachers are always ready to help the students in any situation. They are able to create the curiosity and interest in the students’ mind on the particular training course, so that no student feels the boredom in any topic. The non-teaching stuff of our institution is very co-operative. They take care of our students very much. And they take care on every complaining matter also.

Swami Vivekananda College Of Education is a self financing institution with minimum budget. Students can complete their training course with negotiable amount. Our institution is enriched with adequate number of class rooms, seminar hall, library with large amount of handful books, computer lab, language lab, technical lab, subject lab, health club, nature club, smart class with ICT facilities, gymnasium and a large playground. Our institution is dedicated to serve the students with world class standards for the betterment to the nation. Our only motto is to make our students the best teacher who will be always ready to serve the society.

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